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USN BLUELAB 100% Whey Protein

R 249.99


Following rigorous consumer taste testing performed in South Africa’s leading supplement retailers, USN have now released BLUELAB™ 100% Whey Protein – a Whey protein product that still includes the premium ingredients sourced from the world’s best suppliers, with the added appeal of consumer-influenced flavours.
These four unique flavours represent the only whey products on the market that have been developed by the consumer, for the consumer. By customising their leading whey products, which already included only premium, science-backed ingredients, offering more protein per gram with no amino spiking, according to popular consumer demand, USN have elevated their offering to the next level. All BLUELAB™ products, which also offer ingredients such as Tolerase™ L digestive enzymes to ensure optimal digestion, also go through the same rigorous independent SANAS-accredited lab testing to ensure efficacy. With every test confirming label claim, USN’s new range of whey received the BLUELAB™ stamp of approval.
A low temperature ultra-filtration process is used to produce the whey used in USN’s products. 
  • Optimal muscle support & recovery
  • Optimal nitrogen retention & amino acid conversion
  • Easy digesting whey protein isolate, hydrolysate & concentrate

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