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TNT Prototest Lockdown


TNT Prototest Lockdown

R 385.00

Prototest Lockdown Testosterone Amplifier

Step 1:
Amplifies Testosterone and lowers estrogen, exceptionally well. The anabolic “eco-steroid” components enhance protein synthesis and thereby increase lean muscle mass. Expect increases of free Testosterone levels by up to 85% with a daily dose of ProtoTest LockDown1. Combined with ProtoTest LockDown2, for individuals who exercise intensely and with higher frequency and who have a significantly higher need for maximum free Testosterone.

Step 2:

ProtoTest LockDown 2 D-Asp (D Aspartic Acid-3126) D-Asp is an endogenous amino acid and is found in the neuroendocrine tissues of humans. There is evidence that D-Asp plays a role in sperm production and that it is involved in the release of Testosterone (T), growth hormone (GH), and luteinizing hormone (LH). It also modulates melatonin synthesis and is found in high concentration in the pineal gland. In men, D-Asp has been found to improve motility of sperm and raise Testosterone levels.

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