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TNT Kevlar Reload

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Designed to assist with muscle recovery after a work out by delivering crucial glycogen and tissue repairing nutrients to the muscles. Kevlar Reload Intra-Post Workout Recovery is a complex system of whey protein and Vitargo®, Amino acids and a specific blend of BCAA’s in BCAARXAMP™. Fortified with glutamine and electrolytes. Kevlar Reload is a back-up-support that exceeds any serious athlete’s post exercise recovery demands. Reload!

Muscle recovery is quite simply the most important factor in every athlete’s performance arsenal. Be it muscle growth or supreme endurance you seek, you will never attain your goals without restoring muscle glycogen and repairing damaged fibres. The faster your body restores these critical components and deficiencies the greater your ability becomes to improve your performance.
Reload incorporates patented Vitargo® which is efficiently absorbed direct into the muscle cell and retains its integrity by its rapid absorption through the gut wall. A quick recovery and rapid anabolic turn around creates stronger, faster and more resilient muscle performance.

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