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TNT CLA 3000/Metabolic Dual Pack


TNT CLA 3000/Metabolic Dual Pack

R 320.00

MERCURY CLA 3000 is an omega-6 essential fatty acid and occurs naturally in meat and dairy products. The most biologically active Cis9, Trans11 isomers have been shown to be beneficial for the reduction of body fat, especially fat accumulated around the abdomen and upper legs.  These isomers target typical problem areas of stored fat, mobilize these stores and encourage the body to burn the fat as a source of energy. 

MERCURY CLA 3000  is an ideal body toner.  The muscle sparing health and weight loss benefits of the premium quality CLA are widely accepted and include antioxidant and immune enhancing properties as well as cholesterol lowering effects.  The anticatabolic properties attributed to CLA may be due to the antioxidant effect or an undefined interaction between CLA and various carcinogens.

A sustained exercise and reduced caloric diet plan coupled with MERCURY CLA 3000 and Mercury Metabolic+ may significantly improve metabolic function, recovery and energy output capacity, providing your body, life and looks the greatest advantage. LipoToneRX™ uses modified forms of Linoleic Acid that contain double bonds along 9th and 11th carbons. LipoToneRX™ is sourced from the highest grade organically farmed safflower oil, meat and dairy.

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