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SSN's X-Series Test-RX Hardcore Testosterone & Growth Hormone Optimiser has been carefully researched and developed by nutritional scientists to provide you with cutting edge natural anabolic hormone support.

This scientifically formulated anabolic hormone optimizer gives you cutting edge nutritional support to naturally kick start test and GH production for peak performance and maximum lean muscle building support! ZMA®, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid), Longifolia Jack and Tribulus Terrestris extract are combined with a potent synergistic phyto-anabolic complex designed to send Testosterone, Growth Hormone (HGH) and IGF levels through the roof, kick-starting libido, enhancing male performance and taking your muscle gains to the next level!

Suggested Supplement Stack: To assist with achieving your physique and performance goals, stack Test-RX with SSN's X-Series Amino Gain, to ensure that you derive maximum strength gains and muscle growth from the anabolic hormonal environment that is likely to result from supplementing with this testosterone and HGH boosting formula.

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