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SSN MultiVit


SSN MultiVit

R 110.00

SSN MultiVit is a scientifically formulated, ultra-high potency multivitamin that has been formulated to meet the increased micro nutrient demand placed upon on the body by regular exhaustive exercise. Whilst a number of products on the market claim to supply 100 % of the RDA of all the necessary vitamins, a hard training athlete’s requirements can far exceed the RDA. Because a serious athlete will unfortunately never achieve optimum performance if even slightly deficient in any one of the numerous micronutrients essential for peak physical performance, a well formulated multivitamin of much higher potency is thus generally required.

Fortunately by combining a balanced diet with daily supplementation of a ultra-high potency multivitamin such as SSN’s MultiVit, it should not be difficult for those serious about their health and performance to obtain their optimal daily micronutrient requirements.

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