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SSN CytoGuard


SSN CytoGuard

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In gyms across the globe serious bodybuilders and weekend warriors alike are striving to build and maintain lean muscle. But what many of these aspiring physique conscious individuals forget is the need to protect their hard-earned muscle from overtraining while putting themselves in a position to grow from workout to workout.

SSN's X-Series' CytoGuard is an advanced formulation which has been molded upon the latest advancements in the science of performance nutrition. When used as directed in conjunction with an appropriate training program, the research proven ingredients in CytoGaurd help rejuvenate stressed muscles while simultaneously increasing overall lean body mass and strength.

With glutamine and arginine to enhance protein synthesis, improve blood flow through the production of nitric oxide, and support a healthy immune system; HMB and BCAAs to minimize protein breakdown and increase total strength and lean body mass; an "insulin potentiating" matrix comprised of Vanadyl Sulphate, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium Picolinate, which synergistically acts to support insulin function and thereby further encourage rapid nutrient and substrate delivery to your muscles and last but not least, the anti-oxidants - vitamins C and E, which play a vital role in scavenging exercise induced free radicals and in so doing help minimise muscle tissue damage, reduce post-training muscle soreness and speed recovery, SSN's X-Series' CytoGuard represents the latest in cutting edge nutritional muscle support technology!

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