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SSN Crea-Mass has been scientifically formulated in line with the latest research into post-workout muscle cell nutrient loading. Formulated with Waxy Maize Starch for fast and efficient delivery of glucose polymers through the digestive tract to restore muscle glycogen stores faster and more effectively than traditional carbohydrate sources, Crea-Mass is one of the most advanced glycogen and creatine loading systems ever developed. Its unique formulation ensures that creatine and other key anabolic agents are delivered to your muscles with maximum speed and efficiency for enhanced cell volumisatlon and lean muscle gain.

The incorporation of a proprietary blend of rapidly absorbed, cell volumising, hypertrophy supporting free form amino acids, including L-Glutamine, BCAA’s, Taurine and L-Arginine complements waxy maize starch’s efficiency for rapid delivery of anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into the blood, re-fuelling depleted muscles with the nutrients they need for optimal recovery and enhanced post-workout muscle growth.

Furthermore maximum muscle cell nutrient uptake is guaranteed with the incorporation of an insulinotropic complex containing Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium Picolinate and Vanadyl Sulphate, whilst the important anti-oxidants - vitamins C and E, are also incorporated for the important role they play in combating exercise induced free radicals and in so doing help to minimise muscle tissue damage, reduce post-training muscle soreness and speed recovery.

Last but not least, the inclusion of Beta-Alanine further supports increased training intensity, enhanced muscular endurance and lean muscle accrual. Supplementation with Beta-Alanine has been shown to increase the concentration of Carnosine in muscles, decreasing fatigue in athletes and increasing total muscular work performed.

Recent research examining the stacking of key ergogenic and anabolic compounds, as in SSN’s Crea-Mass formula, has demonstrated test subjects to increase their 1 repetition max on the bench press by roughly 25 pounds and increase their one-rep squat by nearly 50 pounds! The athletes also gained a significant amount of muscle mass and lost 1,2% of body fat. So get ready to fuel your “anabolic drive” and re-ignite your muscle building efforts by supplementing with SSN’s Crea-Mass, bio-engineered to support training recovery and maximum post-workout muscle hypertrophy!

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