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Lean Girl Stack

Pro Nutrition

Lean Girl Stack

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Human clinical studies have shown that CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) plays a vital role in reducing body fat and enhancing lean muscle mass.

Not only has it been shown to increase muscle mass while reducing body fat, studies have demonstrated remarkable anti-oxidant and immune enhancing benefits. The body fat reducing abilities of CLA coupled with its muscle sparing and anti-oxidant properties make it a must for anyone pursuing a lean and healthy physique.

Shake 'n Slim

SHAKE 'n SLIM ADVANCED MEAL REPLACEMENT with Chromium Picolinate and Hydroxy Citric Acid has been scientifically formulated for ladies striving for fat reduction.

Each serving of Shake n Slim provides sustained energy and maintains muscle tissue. We have enriched this great tasting product with an advanced multivitamin and mineral blend promoting fat reduction and enhancing mental vitality. Using Lean Girl Shake and Slim as a quick, healthy meal replacement will be a smart, effective approach to weight loss.

Thermo Slim HD

Thermo Slim HD is a new Pre-Workout that contains a Ultra Powerful Fat Burning Complex to accelerate the body and burn more fat while training. This is combined with a complex that provides Superior Mental Focus and Energy. Also included is your essential Amino Acids, Raspberry Ketone and L-Carnitine and you have all that a women will need to make the most of her training session.

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