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Defined Lifestyle is a South African online company specialising in fitness supplements, gym supplements, accessories and lifestyle guidance including online personal training & mobile personal training. You will only find quality brands and expert advice on our site. We believe in providing our clients with only the best of the best. This is why we only sell quality brands such as PharmaFreak, Fitmark, Scitec Nutrition, Nutritech, Animal PakOptimum Nutrition and a few more brands.

We know it can be a daunting task when starting your fitness journey. Whether you are looking to lose some weight (weight loss), gain some weight (improve health or build muscle) or simply want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need the right advice, the right food and also supplementation that will work and assist you in achieving your goals. 

Remember, it's not a temporary change in your lifestyle, this is a choice you have made to make your lifestyle a Defined Lifestyle


So now that you have decided to embrace this decision to improve your health and reach your goals, head over to our Categories section above for further information on the products that are in line with your goals. Whether it's Whey Protein, Fat burners, Creatine, Meal Replacement, Fitness Accessories or advice, we are able to assist. 

Personal training

We provide personal training to a wide variety of clients with different life goals. These goals range from losing weight, gaining weight, healthier lifestyle, bodybuilding, crossfit, modelling, sports conditioning and more. 

Our personal trainers are qualified trainers with years worth of experience in the personal training industry. We have selectively aligned ourselves with people that share the same passion as we do to assist our clients in achieving their goals in an effective and safe environment. 

We provide online coaching to anyone anywhere in the world via our innovative fitness website and mobile apps built for Android and Apple IOS.  

We also provide in person coaching, mobile coaching, to our clients in the areas we service in South Africa. 


A very important aspect of training for a healthy and fit lifestyle is nutrition. Eating the correct food groups is essential in achieving your goals. No matter if your goal is bodybuilding, fitness training, modelling or simply losing weight to look good for that special person in your life. This is the most overlooked aspect of living a healthy lifestyle as many people think that simply using a fat burner will make you lose weight. This can not be further from the truth. 

A balanced and calculated diet is the cornerstone for working to achieve your goals!

We always recommend to research your food groups and understand the differences between nutritional requirements before starting your training or fitness journey. Head over to our Nutritional Specialist's section to see a list of people that can assist you in preparing your diet and fine-tuning it for the goal you want to achieve.


We stock a range of fitness apparel designed by their relevant brands to make you stand out in a crowd (let's face it, gyms are always crowded). Hear over to the Fitness Clothing for Her / Fitness Clothing for Him sections to see what we have to offer to make you stylish.

Apex Armour compression skins clothing is a unique brand that have created stylish compression skins that allow for better blood flow through the body. The compression skin helps provide the nutrients to the body when under stress from training or exercise. The more blood that flows the better the body performs.


It is always a good idea to prepare for your healthy lifestyle. This is why we have added a range of accessories to help you in the gym, at home and on the road.

Food Management

Fitmark is a leading bag manufacturer focused on the fitness industry. From travel bags to meal management bags, Fitmark has you covered.

Gym Accessories

We carry a wide range of fitness accessories that is made to assist in training. Using the correct accessories will help ease your exercise in many ways. Products such as water bottles, shakers, gloves, lifting straps, knee wraps, kidney belts, etc. will make each training session a pleasure to deal with.