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Scitec HOT BLOOD 3.0 Review

Scitec HOT BLOOD 3.0

We recently decided to review Scitec HOT BLOOD 3.0 for ourselves. The intent of this review is to give our clients a good understanding of the product before purchase.

Before we continue, we want to mention that we did a blood pressure test about 30 minutes after taking the product and a clear increase in blood pressure was experienced. 

The product surprised us with a consistent delivery of energy while training. Fatigue was nowhere to be seen.

One noticeable effect from the usage is something that stems from the name itself...Hot Blood...While training you feel that your body temperature is elevated which in turn assists with thermogenics (burning fat). 

The pump received from this product is also very good. It lasted almost two hours after training which is better than most of the pump-inducing supplements out there.


  • Continued energy while training
  • Good pump
  • Does not let you crash after training
  • Easy to mix servings, especially with the sachets. 
  • Clear instructions
  • 4500 milligrams 5 creatine matrix
  • L-Carnitines
  • Amino Acids
  • Beta-Alanine


  • Taste leaves something to be desired, we sampled Gaurana


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